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This prompts us to go to pet stores and order sample beds online so that we can test them out on our dogs. 'Calming' dog beds appear to be the latest marketing fad.

  • Dog beds that are calming for pets

  • There are a plethora of options for calming dog beds on the internet. Mattresses that -

  • Faux fur linings in a circle or oval shape.

  • sides that are supported by stitched or foamed edges

  • reducing anxiety in dogs and calming them down

They all claim to be'self warming,' 'easy to clean, and waterproof/non-slip.

What are the best ways to relax your dog?

By mimicking your dog's mother and/or other pack members, long pile and deep soft filling contribute to a calming sensation. Having the dog in the bed adds an extra layer of security.

No scientific evidence could be found in favor of this claim, and we're not convinced that the beds alleviate stress. When it comes to reducing anxiety, active remedial measures like stimulation reduction, exercise regimes, regular routines, and training are more important than a dog bed manufacturer's "cure all" claims.

An in-store purchase and an online order of a Calming Dog Bed were put to the test. Labrador Amos, Cocker puppy Finn, and Yorkshire Terrier Tina took part in our less-than-scientific experiment.

On a tiled surface, even the Cocker Spaniel could push and pull both beds.

In the beginning, all three dogs found the beds soft, fluffy, and synthetic to their liking.

Amos and Finn had a difficult time sleeping in a central position on their beds, and their positions appeared to be constrained. In order to relax on the plush bedding, both dogs'swam' or 'half-in/half-out' of their beds. You may check bestcalmingdogbeds.com.

The middle filling of both beds was thin and unstructured.

Memory Foam chips with a strong chemical smell were used in the larger bed, which was advertised as "self-warming." Our opinions on Memory Foam and Flame Retardants are well-known (see other blog posts), but the idea of our dogs nuzzling into the bed and inhaling it worried us. Memory Foam.

Overheating in long-haired breeds is a possibility when Memory Foam and a deep sleeping position are used together.

Because this bed was labeled "Orthopaedic" without any justification, we were apprehensive about it.

The bottoms of both beds were waterproof. Instead of on the floor, where it would only prevent condensation, any moisture protection should be placed in-between the faux fur and the filling, not on top of it.

Machine washable is fine, but active dogs should not use these beds. The fact that the beds can be bundled into a machine indicates that they lack structural integrity and are vulnerable to breakdown.

Invest in a calming dog bed?

Our beds are priced between £70 and £140. It seemed to us that these prices had been determined by a combination of low material costs and a lot of marketing hype.

When it came to the long pile faux fur used on the two sample beds, we found it to be only passable at best.

In order to ship from the Far East, both beds had to be'squished' into shipping containers.

In our search, we found only a few beds made in the United Kingdom. Few warranties were substantial.

It appeared Tina the Yorkie liked her new, more compact bed; she loves to be cuddled, so being encased in it worked well for her. Blown polyester fiber was used as the filler because of her light weight.

Dog owners should not purchase the larger bed, which we returned.

As for the beds, they weren't up to our standards, and the claims process was no better. In spite of their popularity, we felt that a more substantial bed, such as our 100% natural pure wool Sheepskins or our Non-Slip Wool-Mix Deep Pile Vet Bedding, could achieve a similar result. Both of these British products are excellent choices.

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